Saying YES! My recap of HCI Live – a health coach event held in Dallas.

Hello Dallas! First timer over here. We’ll start with the bad news –  I didn’t get to spend any time at all touring the city. The good news? I had a LIFE CHANGING three days learning high level coaching skills that are going to literally change my business and therefore, change all of you!

I came into this event knowing ZERO people. Some might call that courageous, but to me it was just a calling. I mulled over the decision to go but it was always a yes. If there’s anything I’ve learned from Stacey & Carey (founders of Health Coach Institute), it’s that your intuition is always right. We almost always know the right answer, it’s just allowing our brain to get to a place of yes. (Did you know that we all have THREE brains? Well, we do! And this weekend, I learned all about them and how they allow us to make decisions and how they can get in our way at the most inopportune times – hello anxiety!)

I landed in Dallas, got room service (eggs for dinner is always a yes!) and passed out. Thursday morning I walked into the huge room and picked my seat. I like to be up close so I can be fully engaged. There were three empty seats open next to me. Knowing how these events work, I was a bit worried because we do paired work and I didn’t have anybody next to me! But then, about 5 minutes after the event begins, three girls walk in and sit down next to me. These girls ended up being one of the most powerful gifts of this entire experience. Not only did I make new friends, I just found three amazingly talented coaches who I can officially call my tribe! We worked through a lot of areas of our businesses that needed some TLC, areas that just felt stuck. Then we decided to create an accountability group that will make sure we’re all sticking to what we say we’re going to do (still saying YES!)

Aside from all of that goodness, I learned new coaching techniques that will no doubt, change my clients lives. The change doesn’t come from me, it comes from the spark I can pull out of them and I now have new killer skills to do that.

I feel incredibly lucky that I have experienced three days of positivity, love, and learning. Nothing is better than feeling educated in the safest and most intimate place (ya know, with 800 of your people next to you).

I came in saying YES and I’m leaving knowing that there is still so much YES to come! I have new programs coming in 2018. I have new talks being created right now that will be LIFE CHANGING. Do you want to find balance in your life? Lose those dreaded extra lbs? Find lost energy that you’re missing every single day? Just wait for it…your moment is coming and I’m going to help you get there!


GO BIG OR GO HOME!  – this is the motivation and reminder I need to really make a BIG impact! 

And now for the eats:

This trip had a lot of room service (YES to treating myself!) but I did get in a few other delish meals, who knew that Dallas was such a healthy minded city?!

Top left: Freshii salad with tofu and loads of veggies

Top right: Room service breakfast: hard boiled eggs with fresh fruit and green tea

Bottom left: Sweet potato fries from Pyramid – the hotel lobby restaurant

Bottom right: Greek salad with tabbouleh and falafel from Café Izmir (some of the best falafel I’ve ever had!)

Not pictured is my amazing (WILD) salmon salad from Snappy Salads – was too hungry and forgot to capture it. I was dying to get to True Food Kitchen but just didn’t have the time. Next time for sure!

Stay tuned for all of the exciting additions to KWSOF – lots of goodness is headed your way!

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