Mondays With Marcus

Welcome to Mondays with Marcus!

After four years in business and almost nine dating/being married to Marcus, a common theme always seems to arise with me and my clients that relate back to our dynamic – how can I go out and still be healthy YET still be social and “fun?”

*Using quotes here because fun is so subjective! Isn’t eating kale salads fun? It’s all in the eye of the beholder I suppose!

Anywayyyyy….one of my very first clients had a huge issue with his health journey because his wife refused to support him. She ordered in dinner for their family every night and was not willing to change her ways NOR support his desire to eat cleaner and live healthier.

I have seen this over and over but it’s not always a spouse. Sometimes it’s a friend, family member, coworker etc. If we aren’t being supported by the people around us, we’re just setting ourselves up to fail.

Over time, Marcus and I have come to an understanding about how we differ with our eating. I consider myself 90/10 and Marcus…well…he’s closer to 10/90.

*If you haven’t heard of 90/10 before, it’s that I’m 90% clean and 10% fries, wine & other deliciousness.

Just about every single time Marcus and I go out, it’s a conversation, it’s a thing. How are we going to find a place that accommodates us both? I would say we’re really good at it NOW but it took time. We both know what the other needs and we also know that sometimes, one of us must compromise – isn’t that what marriage is all about??

I also had to be okay with Marcus not always wanting my salmon, quinoa and veg dinner. Instead, he’ll opt for Chinese takeout. More healthy leftovers for me!

So…what IS Mondays with Marcus? This is going to be my Monday series showing how different we are, yet, how we coexist. I KNOW that many of you can relate but instead of looking at it as an obstacle, I want to show you the possibilities. Even with such difference, we can both be satisfied. AND, this will show you that Marcus’ choices don’t affect MY choices.

Get ready for lots of split screen shots, videos of us figuring out where to eat, and how we still share. Hint: It’s challenging sometimes but we can still make it happen!

Let’s see if we can change this 10/90 to something a littttttle closer to my 90/10… stay tuned to find out how we do!

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