Ciao Bella

Happy Monday! Today’s newsletter is coming to you from Italy!

I want to share a quick story that still unfolding In real time. After getting to the airport last night, dealing with security lines, a bit of rushing to make sure I had plenty of time for my coveted glass of wine before boarding, I go to pay for my sauvignon blanc and there it ISN’T…my wallet. Passport is securely with me but my wallet? No where to be found. Heart sinking, tears starting to flow, my brain is in a million places at once – what do I do? My flight was boarding in 5 minutes and I have lost my credit cards, cash, insurance card and who even knows what else – pretty much my whole life that isn’t on my phone (which a flight attendant and I decided would be much worse!) In this moment (and I only had 5 of them) I had a choice: do I cancel my trip and search the airport up and down or do I be bold, get on the plane and know that everything is replaceable? After filing a report with the Port authority, a few tears and panicked moments later, I decided to get on the plane and get myself to the motherland of leather (after all, if I need a replacement wallet, Italy is the perfect place to get it!) It did help that I was traveling with my husband so I wouldn’t walk off the plane with nothing, but still a scary prospect to not have a penny on me and have to scramble to cancel every credit card in the few minutes before take off.

Why share this story? I don’t usually send emails about self discovery and confidence but today, it felt applicable. Stuff is just stuff but my vacation is important! I need this R&R, I needed to not wallow about something that really wouldn’t be resolved in NYC in that moment. I mean lets be honest, my wallet is gone, this is JFK we’re talking about.

As you start this week, think about what kind of “stuff” you’re carrying around that you can just let go of. Are you beating yourself up over an indulgent meal? Did you slip up and eat something you normally wouldn’t? We all have setbacks, we all have moments where we have that choice to let the “thing” bring us really down OR we can push past it and get on the plane and move forward.

On another note, I’ve had some questions about the Sugar Jam and how I could possibly be leading this amazing group of participants through the program from halfway across the world. Join us and find out 🙂

Spend 10 days with me and your peers who are committed to pushing past what seems like an insurmountable program – 10 days without sugar? NO WAY! But they said YES way! They got on the plane despite the unknown and the good news is, even though they don’t, I know what’s next for them. Want to surrender to the little voice telling you that you need more energy, better sleep and a much clearer focus to dedicate to your day? Today is the last day to sign up! Register here!

Caio for now!


P.S. Thanks to all who inquired all about my lost wallet sitch…it was FOUND in the rental car I was using that weekend, by the next occupant of the car. Camille, the sweetest Texan lady who recovered it, mailed it to me with nothing even touched! Thank you Camille, for reminding me that stories like this can have happy endings (and now my mom gets to enjoy the new wallet I purchased in Italy!)

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