Can you eat healthy on a budget?

Good morning!

Of course you can eat healthy on a budget! Feel like it’s impossible? Then you haven’t been following when my favorite money coach, The Fiscal Femme, and I get together and teach just how it’s done! Ashley and I geek out over the different ways to treat your body right and feel your best all while keeping as much money in your pocket as possible!

All summer Ashley has been putting out her Fab Frugal Monday Meals series, highlighting health coaches and their favorite cheap eats. This past Monday I was featured and now I want to share the magic with you!

Check out the recipe for my protein & flavor packed quinoa & yellow squash with lemon-basil dressing recipe.┬áIt’s only $3.13 per serving! AND I bought 100% organic ingredients from Whole Foods!

Let me know if you try this – it’s a LemLevKitchen staple, especially in the summer!


Happy hump day!



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