MomsOnTheMove2We all know babies need a lot of love, but so do new moms!

Consistently getting out, breathing fresh air and amping up those endorphins will give you the energy boost you need to face the day with your new love. As a health & wellness coach, living on the Upper East Side within 2 blocks of my 2 year old niece and newborn nephew, I have seen what life with a baby is like.

With my health and wellness background, I’m dedicated to creating a weekly new moms group to share lifestyle tips and advice for giving you and your baby the nutrition that you need to be the healthiest you! And of course, when you connect with people going through similar experiences, conversations are MomsOnTheMoveendless.

Group walking can be extremely therapeutic so please join me in central park on March 29th for the first, Moms on the Move walk, with health advice for you and your baby.

You will:

  • Enjoy getting out with your baby and other moms
  • Learn healthiest food options for breastfeeding moms
  • Get tips for safe and effective ways to boost energy and get your body back in shape
  • Pick up knowledge for quick & easy meals to cook and on-the-go snack options
  • Get low impact exercise
  • Share mom experiences with people facing similar milestones and challenges

Event Details: Moms on the Move
Date: Wednesday’s starting March 29th
Where: Central Park: Meet at the reservoir at 11:30am
Questions: Contact me directly:

This group is completely complimentary. Sign-up below.

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