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Want to shed some weight? Regain your energy? Curb those cravings? Welcome to the Integration Jam, the group coaching program that is going to literally change your life. Over the course of 12 group sessions we will break nasty habits while creating lifelong change. With me as your support & accountability partner you will stop thinking about making a change and instead, really make it.

Have you done a regimented program like a detox (perhaps the KWSOF Detox Jam) and then once it ended, felt confused and alone? You sit there and wonder, “what comes next?” How do I keep up with it? How do I keep off the weight, keep my energy up and stay acne free? Well wonder no more…I have the answer!

Introducing The Integration Jam!

You will have support from both me and your peers in this intimate group program to help you continue your progress in whatever aspect of health you’re working on.

…this is what comes next!

Integration Jam Details:

  • 6 month program; 12 sessions
  • Bi-monthly sessions
  • Virtual program: can call in from anywhere
  • Program beings on October 10, 2016 and entrance is rolling following that date
  • Investment: $900 (payment plans are available – contact me for details)

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“I had a big problem: I was bored of food. My husband and I got into the routine of buying the same ten healthy grocery items, making them the same two ways, and becoming completely disinterested. It was as if we forgot about other groceries and/or were not sure what other choices were healthy. Working with Tracey helped bring eating healthy back to life for me again! She provided my picky-self with new ideas and delicious recipes that are keeping my husband and I incredibly happy and satisfied. I finally look forward to cooking again!” – Sam

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