3 tips on how to feel your absolute best at all of your summer events

A common theme that keeps coming up on my coaching calls over the past month, is what to eat or bring to a BBQ. With so many choices it can be hard to determine what’s healthy and how to stay within a reasonable portion size.

Check out my top 3 tips on how to feel your absolute best at all of your summer events!

  1. Bring something you know you can and WANT to eat! Even if there are tons of other options on the table, at least you’ll know that what you brought incorporates the foods and flavors that will make you feel your best. You can get creative or stick with something simple but showing up with your own food gives you the chance to load up on that and just potentially taste other foods that may not serve your body nearly as well!
  2. Of course you’ll want to enjoy the foods being served but when we show up to events/parties/BBQ’s hungry, we’re more likely to over eat and indulge in things we don’t necessarily want. Have a snack or small meal before you head out so you show up satisfied and not ravenous – this way when you do decide to eat, it won’t be too big of a portion and likely not too much of what you don’t really want. Let’s be serious, when we’re hungry, EVERYTHING looks good! Walk in prepared!
  3. Stick to the one plate rule. Fill your plate with the food you want, even those foods that may seem indulgent but you just want to taste…and then…don’t go back for more! Chances are you’ll be full after you eat your plate – your brain just needs time to receive the “full signal” from your digestive system. That takes about 20 minutes. So eat slowly and mindfully and don’t rush back for seconds. This “one plate rule” majorly helps with portion control and keeping yourself in check! This applies to grabbing for the chips, dips and even crudité – too much of anything is still too much!


BONUS: Drink more water than you think you need! One of my favorite topics is hydration but in the spirit of keeping this short and to the point let’s focus on how it keeps you full! If you drink at least 8oz of water before a meal, your body will just need less food because it’s being filled up by liquid! And while it may sound like a weird trick, often times when we’re experiencing hunger pangs, we’re actually just thirsty and possibly dehydrated. So drink up before heading to your next party, BBQ or event and try this bonus tip and notice the impact loading up on water truly has!

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