KWSOF Detox Jam

The two-week plan to fall back into the body you love!Tracey and veggies

Let’s clean up together! The KWSOF Detox Jam is about shedding unwanted pounds, balancing your energy levels, clearing up your skin and getting you comfortable in the kitchen.

This is not a liquid fast. This is a plan of real, nourishing foods that will help instill healthy eating habits while giving your digestion system a little rest.

What’s included in the Detox Jam:

  • Recipes and meal planning for all 14 days
  • Grocery store shopping lists
  • Foods to enjoy, foods to avoid
  • 3 calls: introduction to the program, halfway point, wrap up – all with Q&A (calls will be recorded and emailed out as well)
  • On the go options in case cooking for a meal or a day isn’t possible
  • Private Facebook group including all detoxers for additional support and accountability
  • Ways to keep yourself on track post program

Dates: October 9th, 2017

What will you receive when you sign up? 

  • 1:1 Support: I’m here to support you in any way possible! Between Q&A on our weekly calls and my participation in the Facebook group, you have access to me consistently.
  • Community: There is something very special that happens with the Detox Jam community. Support, accountability, motivation & even humor help participants to get through even the toughest times.
  • Simple Meals: I provide every meal for the entire 14 days. I give you an index with snacks, sides & desserts too!
  • Live Calls: We will have three calls throughout the program where I’ll share important detox information and answers any and all questions.
  • Education: This is not meant to be a quick fix. The Detox Jam is a lifestyle shift! I won’t let you fall off the horse once the program ends, you will be educated in how to maintain and continue on your health journey.

Investment: $249  CLICK HERE TO SIGN-UP

Success stories from past detoxers: 

“I’m proud to report that during these two weeks I’ve experienced great skin more energy and weight loss.”

“On the detox jam cleanse, I lost 7-10 pounds. Cravings grew smaller by the day and my energy levels increased.”

“This detox was the jump I needed! I was never hungry and surprised myself the whole time! It felt great to make a meal and enjoy it! I lost weight, felt energized and feel great! I can now make some great meals! I’m excited to participate in another kwsof event!”

“I lost all of the holiday weight I had put on. I definitely have fewer cravings. It helped me relearn portion control! And made me much more aware of WHAT I’m eating or putting in my body and other ways to get protein outside of meat.”

“The detox jam really helped me restart my cleaning eating. I was able to lose weight and eliminate junk food. The recipes helped keep my on track and I was never hungry. Since the detox, I’ve continued eating well and I look forward to coming home and making a great healthy meal.”